EXO Members Profile


1. SUHO(수호)

• Birth Name : Kim JoonMyeon (Hangul:김준면 / Hanja: 金俊勉)
• Nickname : Leader, Guardian, Little Siwon, Esuhort
• Date Of Birth : Seoul, May 22nd 1991
• Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist
• Super Power (Badge) : Water
• Height : 177cm
• Blood Type : AB
• Education: Korea National University Of Arts (Acting Major)

Suho is the leader (guardian) of EXO. He had the longest trainee period compared to the other members.Hewas introduced as EXO member at February 15th 2012. The meaning of Suho’s nickname “Esuhort” is because Suho escorts the other members to protect them and lead them well. Suho says he’s close to SHINee’sJonghyun, Taemin and Minho and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae and Kyuhyun.When he asked about his personality, he answer that his personality is exemplary, polite and considerate.

Facts/Trivia about Suho:
1. Cast into SM Entertainment through the annual S.M Casting System in 2007.
2. Known as the 2nd Siwon of Super Junior.
3. Suho wants to have Kai’s power (teleportation), Luhan’s power (telekinesis), and Tao’s power (time control).
4. Suho favorite song is 4MEN “Baby Baby”
5. Suho ideal type is someone who has literary interests
6. Suho dreamed of becoming a singer since he was in elementary school when he watch H.O.T
7. Suho favorite food is Sushi
8. Suho favorite movies is Pirates Of Carribean
9. Suho says that their team motto is “Give back more to receive.”
10. Suho favorite colour is violet and gold

Motto – “Know Your Self”

2. BAEKHYUN (백현)

• Birth Name: ByunBaekhyun (Hangul:변백현 / Hanja:邊伯賢)
• Nickname: Baek, ByunBaek, Bacon, Sungun
• Date Of Birth: Bucheon, Gyeonggi-Do, May 6th 1992
• Position: Main Vocalist
• Super Power (Badge) : Light (Sun)
• Height: 174cm
• Blood Type: O
• Education: Joongwon High School

Baekhyun is the main vocalist of EXO. With D.O, he release the pre-debut single “What Is Love” which is showing his powerful voice. He was introduced as EXO member at January 30th 2012. When EXO was appeared in Thai show, he sang a thai song and let the fans sing a long with him. Baekhyun wants to give an elephant a hi-five after watching it on a Thai TV program.If we sees the pre-debut pictures/videos of Baekhyun we could see that he is a cheerful person. The other members say that Baekhyun goes around screaming “Ah” by himself. They said it was really noisy, starting from morning until they went to sleep.

Facts/Trivia about Baekhyun:
1. Baekhyun likes Lemon Tea
2. Baekhyun doesn’t like animal abuse
3. Baekhyun is afraid of cockroaches
4. According to Kai, Baekhyun is the best at winking
5. Baekhyun ideal type is a woman full of charm
6. Baekhyun’sfavouritecolours are white, black and grey.
7. Baekhyun likes SF fantasy and action movies.
8 Baekhyun describes his personality as bright, cheerful and kind.
9. If Baekhyun had a girlfriend, he’d like to go see the cherry blossoms with her.
10. Baekhyun likes puppies and dachshunds.

Motto – “Life is only a path full of efforts”

3. CHANYEOL (찬열)

• Birth Name: Park Chanyeol (Hangul: 박찬열 / Hanja: 朴燦烈)
• Nickname: Eggyeol, Creepyeol, Voice Revearsal
• Date Of Birth: Seoul, November 27th 1992
• Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper
• Super Power (Badge) : Flame (Phoenix)
• Height: 185cm
• Blood Type: A
• Education: Hyundai High School

Chanyeol is one of SM’s famous trainee back in his trainee days. That is because he was appeared in SNSD’s MV ‘Genie’ Japanese version. He was introduced as EXO’s member at February 23, 2012.He has a habit following the rhythm with his hands. About his nickname ‘Voice revearsal’ it is because surprisingly his low voice compared to his visual appearance that we seen in photos and videos.Chanyeol knows how to play drums, guitar, bass and the djembe.

Facts/Trivia about Chanyeol:
1. Chanyeol and Block B’s P.O attended the same acting academy and stuck together for two years, being friends ever since
2. Chanyeol’sfavourite food is galbi and tonkatsu.
3. Chanyeol likes hip-hop and rap music.
4. Chanyeol’s ideal type is someone cute who smiles a lot and is sincere.
5. Chanyeol doesn’t want to get his ears pierced because he thinks his ears will stand out more.
6. Chanyeol’sfavouritecolour is black.
7. At 16 years old, Chanyeol entered a private acting institute just before entering SM Entertainment.
8. Chanyeol won an award in the 2008 SMART Uniform Model Competition.
9. Chanyeol reads a lot of self-help books.
10. Chanyeol favorite movie is School Of Rock

Motto – “Enjoy yourself”

4. D.O (디오)

• Birth Name: Do Kyungsoo (Hangul: 도경수 / Hanja: 都暻秀)
• Nickname:D.Omestic, Umma, D.Orchestra, Pororo
• Date Of Birth:Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, January 12th 1993
• Position:Main Vocalist
• Super Power (Badge) : Earth
• Height:176cm
• Blood Type:A
• Education:Baekseok High School

Who is the owner of this “O_O” expression? Yes it is D.O. D.O has speciality in Beat Boxing, that is because since elementary school, beat-boxing is one of D.O’s hobbies. He is close with Kai, and known as Kaisoo (Kai and Kyungsoo). D.O is very good an cooking and he is obsessed with clean. D.O nags the other EXO-K members if they don’t clean up. If he sees clothes lying around, he’ll lecture them. That is why he called ‘Umma’ because of his personality.

Facts / Trivia About D.O:
1. According to a Chinese magazine’s review, D.O has a lot of anti fans in China already.
2. D.O. also wanted to be a chef
3. D.O. has taken many vocal course
4. Means of his names: Do is his surname, in Korean Kyung means “Longitude”, Soo means “Luck”
5. D.O englishpronounciation is very good.
6. His room mate in EXO-K’s dorm is Kai, thats why he very close to him.
7. D.O favorite song is Travie McCoy’s Billionare
8. D.O likes girls who are kind-hearted and looks happy while eating~
9. His favorite food is Spagetthi and he do some inovation to make KimchiSpagetthi
10. D.O. attended the same high school as BtoB Lim Hyunsik

Motto: Be Number One

5. KAI (카이)

• Birth Name:KimJongin (Hangul: 김종인 / Hanja: 金鐘仁
• Nickname:Kkamjong, Kaura
• Date Of Birth:Seoul, January 14th 1994
• Position:Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
• Super Power (Badge) : Teleportation
• Height:182cm
• Blood Type: A
• Education: Seoul Arts High School

The first member introduced as EXO at December 23, 2011. Kai is the visual (face of the group) of EXO. His speciality is dancing, thats why he called dancing machine. He’s a bit brusque, but he’s warmhearted and he would like to treat everyone well, but when It comes to expressing feelings he gets awkward. You can see it when he introduced his self at EXO 1st Showcase in Seoul. He is close with SHINee’s Lee Taemin. Everybody knows that this two guys is a bestfriend. They look like similar too. Back in trainee days, a magazine mistaken Kai as Taemin’s brother.

Facts/Trivia about Kai:
1. Kai’s role model is Michael Jackson.
2. Kai’s favourite food is fried chicken.
3. In the first two months of learning popping and locking, Kai was really awkward.
4. Kai often goes to SM’s practice room and the company rooftop.
5. Kai has a habit of biting his lips.
6. It took Kai 2 years of auditions to get into SM.
7. Kai likes reading manhwa.
8. Kai likes the manhwa “Top Blade” a.k.a. “Beyblade.”
9. At first, Kai couldn’t get used to his stage name and found it very awkward.
10. Kai ideal type is a girl who kind and gentle.

Motto – “I’d rather bend than break.”

6. SEHUN (세훈)

• Birth name:OhSehun (Hangul: 오세훈 / Hanja: 吳世勛)
• Nickname:Hwindoongie, Milky Sehun, Shy Maknae, Bubble Tea
• Date Of birth:Seoul, April 12 1994
• Position:Maknae, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of The Group
• Super Power (Badge):Wind
• Height:181cm
• Blood Type:O
• Education:Seoul Arts High School

Sehun is known as his cold but shy personality. He was introduced as EXO member at January 10 2012. Sehun was an ulzzang before he is debuted with EXO. His role model is BoA, and when he did a couple dance with BoA in ‘Only One’ he is so excited and practice hard. In one of the interview, Sehun said that he wants EXO to become like Shinhwa that continues to promote even after 10 years.Sehun is worried that once they release their new album and the other members have their own personal schedules, they’re going to talk and see each other less.

Facts/Trivia about Sehun:
1. Goes to same school with Kai
2. His singing/rap part on MAMA mini album is only 20 seconds total.
3. Sehun says he can cook.
4. Because of D.O, Sehun likes mint choco chips.
5. Other than bubble tea, Sehun likes eating sushi with cola and yoghurt.
6. Sehun looks in the mirror a lot more after debuting.
7. Sehun ideal type is good girl with nice personality
8. Sehun has a habit of sticking out his tongue.
9. Sehun likes watching action movies.
10.Sehun says he’s close to Super Junior’s Donghae.
11.Sehun was graduated last February (2013-Feb 7th) from SOPA (School of Performing
Arts) Seoul
12. Sehun likes to uses any shining objects as mirror.
13. Sehun kakaotalk wallpaper is photo of Miranda Kerr
14. Sehun favorite facial part is nose
15. Sehun likes BubbleTea, his favorite is Chocolate BubbleTea, and he likes to par his BubbleTea with fries
16. Sehun Favorite Number: 3,5,7
17. Sehun role model is BoA
18. Sehun likes hip hop music
19. Personally Sehun loves collecting baseball caps.
20. Sehun horoscope is Aries. Zodiac Dog

Motto – “Let’s live while doing thing’s we like!”



1. XIUMIN (시우민 / 金珉錫)

Birth Name: Kim Min SeokXiumin was born Kim Minseok (김민석)
Nickname: Baozi
Super Power: Frost
Date of Birth: March 26, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 176 cm
Specialities : Taekwondo, Kendo


-He hadwon 2nd place on 2008 SM’s Everysing Contest
-He is the strongest member in EXO-M.
-His ideal type of woman is someone that hug-able and can give comfort to him & others
-His favorite Chinese artists are JJ Lin and Jay Chou
-He admitted that the hardest part of his trainee period was dieting

2. LU HAN (루한 / 鹿晗)

Birth Name: Lu Han (鹿晗)
Nickname : Little Deer
Superpower : Telekinesis
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990
Height: 178 cm
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Hometown: Beijing Haidian, China
Specialities : Soccer, Solving rubik’s cube

-According to Kris and Lay, Luhan has a manly side
-He was scouted by SM representative while shopping in Myeongdong
-His favorite soccer team is Manchester United
-His Favorite sport star is Christiano Ronaldo.
-He usually plays soccer with Xiumin
-His ideal type of woman is someone demure and quiet.
-He’ll kick everyone who gets on his bed.
-He loves Taro Bubble Tea
-He is afraid of heights

3. KRIS(크리스 /吴亦凡)

Birth Name: Li Jiaheng (李嘉恒), changed into Wu Yi Fan ( 吴亦凡)
Nickname : Duizhang
Superpower : Flight (Dragon)
Date of Birth: November 6, 1990
Height: 186 cm
Position: Lead Rapper, Leader
Specialities: Languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean), basketball

-Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
-He loves reading books, surf on the internetand writing lyrics
-During his free time, He likes to sleep
-He joined SM through Global Auditions in Canada in 2007.
-Sometimes, he speaks when he sleep, he speaks in English, Korean and sometimes
even Cantonese.
-His ideal type is kind, knows how to cook, filial and can take care of people
-He doesn’t like fish
-He likes vanilla and green tea ice cream.
-Hethinks the moment he is sexy is when he washes up and brushes his teeth.
-He scared of their managers
-He is usually the last member to get out of bed.

4. LAY (레이 / (张艺兴)

Stage Name: Lay (레이)
Birth Name: Zhang Yi Xing (张艺兴)
Nickname: Xing Tuo
Superpower : Heal
Date of Birth: October 7, 1991
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China
Hobbies: composing songs
Specialities: Playing guitar, dancing, piano

-His ideal type of woman is cute and a girl who treats her parents well.
-He is the most forgetful person in EXO
-He is the “eomma” in EXO-M
-He became a trainee in 2008
-He was never taken off the bracelet his mother gave him when he was 15 years old
-He is a hardworking person
-He cannot eat spicy food
-He would date himself if he was a girl

5. CHEN (첸/ 金鐘大)

Birth Name: Kim Jong Dae (김종대)
Nickname: Chenchen
Super Power : Lightning
Date of Birth: September 21, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 173 cm
Specialities: Singing high-notes, plays piano

-He has an older brother
-He does not gain weight not matter how much he eats.
-His ideal type of woman is a noona who would take care of him.
-He admitted he is a stubborn person and will take whatever he wants,even if it’s Kris’ girlfriend

6. TAO (타오 / 黄子韬)

Stage Name: Tao (타오)
Birth Name: Huang Zi Tao (黄子韬)
Nickname: Kungfu Panda Tao
Super Power: Time Control
Birth Place: QingDao, China
Date of Birth: May 2, 1993
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 181 cm
Position: Rapper, Maknae, Vocalist
Hobbies: Singing and playing basketball,
Speciality: Martial arts


-He was cast into SM Entertainment on 2010 through SM Global Casting System
-His favorite music is hip hop and R&B.
-He has practice martial arts for 11 years, he’d like to act in action movies.
-He had won many rap competitions
-His ideal type is someone pretty, has a good personality and nice body
-He loves to walking on the beach
-He has the most aegyo on EXO
-He revealed that he was accidentally called Xiumin “Oppa” the first time they met
-He loves eating and taking selca




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